End User LICENCE Agreement for Deceit

It is important that you read the terms of this end-user licence agreement ("LICENCE") before you participate in Deceit ('the Game').  If you, the end user, ('YOU') choose to participate you will be deemed to have accepted the LICENCE and also the terms of our Privacy Policy (which you should review by following this link "https://playdeceit.com/privacy"). Upon acceptance, the LICENCE the PRIVACY POLICY together constitute a binding agreement between YOU and WORLD MAKERS LIMITED ("WML").WML is a limited company registered in England and Wales under Company Number 12123186 with its registered office at 80 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 4DF.  YOU and WML agree as follows:

1           Governing Terms

1.1            BY participating in the Game, YOU agree to abide by the Terms of the LICENCE the PRIVACY POLICY and any rules or instructions which WML may post from time to time in relation to the Game ("GOVERNING TERMS") in each case as the same may be amended from time to time in accordance with Clause 3 below.

2           Scope of Licence

2.1           The LICENCE extends to your participation in the Game and your use of any applications and software required to participate including upgrades/updates and related services and includes your participation in and use of products, services and websites at any time associated with the Game.  If you participate in the Game via another platform such as Steam, you will also be bound by the applicable End-User Licence Agreement of that platform.  In the event of any inconsistency between that agreement and the terms hereof the terms of that agreement will prevail so far as your use of that platform is concerned.

3           WML may in its absolute discretion from time to time amend, modify and/or update (together 'CHANGES") the GOVERNING TERMS.  WML will notify you of any CHANGES either by email to such address as you may have registered with WML and/or by notice to you at the time of any log-in process in which you are engaged and/or by posting an updated version of the GOVERNING TERMS.  Any CHANGES will be effective from the date upon which you are notified or if earlier upon the expiry of 30 days from the date of posting.  It is your responsibility to check for CHANGES at reasonable intervals.

4           Rules of Conduct

4.1           You must at all times fully comply with our rules of conduct as follows:
4.2           You may not engage in any online activity which has the effect of causing another user to feel threatened, harassed, or embarrassed.
4.3           You must comply with any request to cease sending unwanted messages.  You must not make adverse remarks about religion, race, sexual orientation, or gender.
4.4           You must not engage in hate speech of any kind.
4.5           You must not impersonate any other person.
4.6           You must not encourage any unlawful activity including hacking.
4.7           You must not upload any file which contains corrupted data or any virus.
4.8           You must not post any communication designed in whole or in part to promote commercial activity of any kind.
4.9           You must not make any use of any cheat utility software.
4.10          You must not reverse engineer or otherwise interfere with WML's software.
4.11          You must fully respect other participants in the Game and WML and its staff and officers.

5           Grant of Licence

5.1           WML grants you a LICENCE to use and participate in the Game subject always to your full and continuing compliance with the GOVERNING TERMS.  The said LICENCE is personal to you and is not transferable and is irrevocable at WML's discretion.

6           Software

6.1           To the extent that you are required for the purposes of the Game to download WML's software, updates, utilities and/or tools, the LICENCE extends to your use thereof solely for any stated purpose.  You are expressly prohibited from translating, reverse engineering or otherwise interfering with such materials in order to make derivative materials or for any other reason.  It is acknowledged that WML's software may not always be consistently applied across all platforms and that its performance may vary across different devices and other equipment.  Nevertheless, you are expressly prohibited as aforesaid from interfering with any software in any attempt to resolve any such difficulties.  

7          Updates

7.1           WML will have your IP address stored in its records. When WML issues updates, a check may be run on your device to establish whether you have the most up to date files.  You acknowledge that all of your activity in relation to the Game may be monitored.  You hereby waive any right of privacy in respect of all communications you may send or receive.  You hereby permit WML to upload any elements form your device to help optimise your experience and WML's customer service.  You further acknowledge that WML reserves the right to integrate anti-cheat software (either its own or that of a third-party) and you hereby consent to WML or any applicable third-party gathering, storing and publishing data (including your data) for the purpose of detecting and preventing cheating.  You also acknowledge that following the introduction of updates WML may withdraw support of earlier versions.

8          Intellectual Property

8.1           All right and title in the Game and in all associated software and other elements thereof (excluding any such software and/or elements licenced from third parties) vests in WML including all text, music, sound effects, artwork, graphics, designs, characters, concepts and any trademarks.  You may not copy or otherwise infringe WML's rights in respect of all or any such elements other than for the purpose of participation in the Game in accordance with the GOVERNING TERMS

9          Merchandise

9.1           WML may include with the Game, or make available in the context of its marketing, promotion and exploitation, online products and services such as characters, accessories, customising elements, game currency, tokens, credits and points ("MERCHANDISE") for use in relation to your participation in the Game which you may earn or "purchase" with virtual currency.  Some merchandise may only be available if so "purchased".  If you "purchase" MERCHANDISE you do not acquire ownership but instead you acquire the use and benefit of it as an additional right licensed to you within the scope of the LICENCE specified in clause 5.  You may "purchase" MERCHANDISE on other platforms (including Steam) in which event such purchases will be subject to the terms imposed by the platform in question.  WML will not be a party to any such transactions and cannot assist with payments or refunds.  WML may impose terms in relation to MERCHANDISE and may discontinue and/or update any item in its absolute discretion without liability to you or any other person.  MERCHANDISE has no actual monetary value and you are hereby prohibited from selling or otherwise dealing in MERCHANDISE for real money or for other goods and services inside or outside of the Game, save as expressly permitted in the gameplay.  WML may incorporate digital rights management software in the Game.  You consent to the installation of any such elements of software on your device and acknowledge that this may limit the number of installations of the Game on your device. WML will not be liable for any damage caused by elements installed on your device via such software.  In the event we incorporate such software you may be required to register and to accept any separate terms imposed by the digital rights management software supplier.  If you elect not to accept those separate terms the LICENCE hereunder will thereupon immediately terminate, and you will no longer be entitled to participate in the Game.

10         Termination

10.1          Both WML and you may terminate the LICENCE for any reason.  In the event of termination by WML this will be effective immediately upon notification to you.  WML may permanently discontinue support for the Game for any reason whereupon the LICENCE will terminate with immediate effect.  You may terminate the LICENCE by notifying WML to such effect at contact@worldmakers.com whereupon your right to participate in the Game shall immediately cease.  You will not be entitled to any compensation for any MERCHANDISE upon termination of the LICENCE save as may expressly be provided for in the GOVERNING TERMS.

11         Limitations on Liability

11.1          You participate in the Game at your sole risk, and you acknowledge WML gives no warranties of any kind whether express or implied in relation to the Game and/or any of the related software and other materials save to the extent WML is required by law to do so.  Without limiting the foregoing, WML gives no warranty as to merchantable quality, fitness for purpose, the availability of access to services, the capacity of any such services, the lack of defects or viruses, nor the extent of efforts if any to correct errors and defects.  Your sole remedy in the event of any complaint is to terminate the LICENCE and in no event shall WML be liable to you for any financial loss of any kind.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that any competent court of jurisdiction determines that any element of the GOVERNING TERMS is wholly or partially unenforceable for any reason then the requisite provision or provisions shall be deemed amended so far as is necessary to afford maximum protection to WML whilst being properly enforceable

12         Indemnity

12.1          You agree upon WML's request to indemnify WML and its officers and staff against all liabilities arising from any breach by you of the GOVERNING TERMS including but not limited to any unlawful or improper use by you of the Game.

13         Disputes

13.1          In the event of any dispute concerning the Game and/or the GOVERNING TERMS WML and you each agree to use reasonable endeavours to achieve an informal resolution.  Neither party shall initiate formal legal proceedings against the other prior to the expiration of 30 days from the date upon which full details of the complaining party's complaint or claim have been notified to the other party.  WML will serve any notice upon you at such email address as it may hold for you.  You must serve any notice upon WML by email to contact@worldmakers.com.

14         Jurisdiction and Governance

14.1          The GOVERNING TERMS are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the High Court of Justice in London shall be the sole court of jurisdiction for any dispute save that WML shall have recourse to the courts of all other jurisdictions in order to enforce its rights hereunder.
14.2          The GOVERNING TERMS do not confer any rights upon any third party.  WML may assign its rights in whole or in part to any third party.  You may not assign your rights hereunder in any circumstances.  Any failure on the part of WML to exercise or enforce any right or benefit arising under the GOVERNING TERMS shall not be construed as a present or future waiver of any such provision nor shall it affect the right of WML to enforce the same thereafter.  WML shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any action in relation to the Game resulting from causes outside its reasonable control.  If you access the Game from locations outside the United Kingdom you will be responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws.  To the extent that any such local laws are applicable the GOVERNING TERMS shall be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by the laws of the applicable jurisdiction and be interpreted to give maximum effect to the terms thereof.  In the event of any conflict between the terms of the LICENCE, the PRIVACY POLICY and the TERMS OF USE WML shall resolve such conflict in its absolute discretion.